Science Genius

About a month ago we got a call from Derek Luke, an actor and educator passionate about seeing culture transform the lives of our generation in a way that impacts others. He told us about how they were educating kids in the Bronx though science and hip hop and were helping these kids express themselves while learning. The past few weeks we have learned more and more about the opportunity that he is creating for his students with the help of Dr. Christopher Emdin. We decided to partner with Derek and Chris to help capture the culture they are creating by producing a document/highlight of the event he was putting on with Science Genius to provide the kids an opportunity to perform and be judged off of their skillset.

This has been one of the most rewarding events we have been to and the show well exceeded our expectations. We had the opportunity to shoot the show, sit down with Derek and Chris and film an interview with them as they explain their heart for Science Genius and their perspective on culture and education.

The Producer,
Jordan Laessig

Here are a few stills from the evening: