Banff, Canada


This week I am in Banff, Canada, the heart if the Canadian Rockies. One of our long respected clients, Tradeway, is teaching advanced strategies for stock trading in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Growing up in Colorado and getting to travel for work I love exploring the beauty of the earth and am always attracted to amazing vistas, beautiful people, and good food. Since arriving in Banff I have experience all three of those things.

Jordan Laessig at Lake Louise

Banff, National Park Entrance

Banff National Park

The Fairmont Hotel in Banff Springs

Project Producer: Jordan Laessig

As soon as I got into the airport I got the keys to the Jeep Sahara and took off for the mountains to head to the Fairmont Hotel in Banff Springs stoping to take photos along the way and filming everything I saw. Tradeway hired us to both capture the content in their classes as well as shoot a promo commercial for their future events. In the morning I get to shoot the strategies and in the afternoon its all vistas and filming the beautiful country. The unique thing about our client is they bring their students learning to trade in the stock market to some of the most beautiful places in the world so that while they are learning they can experience places like Canada. Getting to sit down with some of the students I have found that the people who attend these workshops are generally incredible people who love life and love making connections and a common thread. Even this morning two of their students sat down to breakfast with me to find out more about me and my business as well and then of course we got to talk about all of the National Parks as well. To check out more of what they are doing check out



I decided to go simple on this trip so I could spend time crafting each scene rather than muddling with multiple cameras and spending more time setting up than shooting. I took a carbon fiber Gitzo tripod, a RED Epic X, a Canon 24-70mm with variable ND filter, and a ZOOM H6 recorder for ambient audio. It has been great because I am able to throw the Epic on the passenger seat next to me and the Gitzo in the back seat and stop along the drive. A lot of time I find myself making excuses to capture ambient audio for my films. This often comes with the excuse that I need more crew on set or don't have room for equipment or the time to do it. I decided to start being a ZOOM H6 with me on solo projects because I found that you can get pretty good audio and don't need anything more than a pocket in my backpack. No more excuses but very thankful for ZOOM's option for a field recorder like this.

RED Epic-X

Gitzo Traveler Tripod, RED Epic-X, Canon 24-70mm

ZOOM H6 Field Recorder

RED Epic-X under a rain jacket



The biggest takeaway from this trip for me is learning not to give time to my thoughts on fear and operate in the calling I know God has made me to live in. Just to be completely candid, on many of my projects, including this one, I am tempted to entertain the thought that, "I am not good enough for this, I wont succeed, my work doesn't matter, and please God provide for me for the next project." I have found that when I give attention to these thoughts my focus is completely on the lack. This was huge for me to identify this trip because I found that being tempted with "lack" was the very first temptation of man. When Eve was tempted it wasn't because she didn't have everything she needed to complete the task God had called her too, it was she was told that she didn't have what she needed. This trip has been a good time to work on a project that gives me time to focus and turn my mind on the idea that I am equipped with everything I need so to stay focused on the task at hand and put everything I can into it. I know the final result will be better with all of my energy going to that and I will be a more confident filmmaker as well.

The Film

Here are a few of the scenes from my time in Banff. I am very excited to complete this project and continue working with Tradeway to promote more of their strategies.


Here are a few screen grabs from the film