Brighton Academy is a project that we worked on in the Houston area for a couple who we have worked with before. Being able to show the kids in the academy brought so much life to the film.

Smooth Transition

We were able to work with a husband and wife team who invented a product to help women who are going through menopause. One of the goals with this with this project was to show each aspect of the creation process in a way that was uplifting and hopeful. Laura's husband is a bio chemist and wanted to include both the laboratory and the greenhouse where they grow their own vegetables as well. It was a very fun project to be apart of.


RSC Training Academy

RSC Training Academy commissioned us to create a piece that would promote their soccer camps. A lot of the kids want to see what kind of skills and activities they will be doing and how it would be different from a week to week scrimmage. This piece aired at FC Dallas game on the jumbo tron at Pizza Hut Park.


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