Online Education



Tradeway is a group of stock trading educators. Their model of education was through conferences and webinars. We partnered with them by providing a video library of all of their teaching content so they could broaden their customer bas online. This is one of the call to action announcement style videos that helps intro their courses. 

Studio Course

Many of their courses were formatted 1-2 hours in length and often times the content was very in depth. The idea to do a studio break out course like this one helps the viewer take bite size chunks of the course and review just the main speaking points. This is an example of how we implemented that for Tradeway

Webinar/Online Course

Stock trading is a very visual skill and so quite a few of the courses involved showing visuals and watching coaches trade. We wanted to show stock patterns and give the students visuals by screen casting on top of the coaches courses. This was a great option for them so that they could stay engaging with FaceTime from the coaches but also have a visual.


The panel video was one of our favorites because it helped show multiple takes on certain topics that were discussed for Tradeway. It was dynamic and engaging for viewers to watch and it brought in endirsement from more than one coach.